Verifone Commander Site Controller New

Verifone Commander Site Controller New

SKU: M149-111-00

Verifone Commander Console is the remote software management tool with the Commander Platform. It allows convenience store owners tremendous flexibility in supporting their business. This cloud based software hosted by Verifone allows for real time access to multi-site sales data with an easy to use dashboard. Now convenience store owners can manage their business faster and more efficiently than ever before. Verifone’s Commander Console is available on iOS and Windows operating platforms allowing managers and business owners to access a valuable set of operational matrixes that are graphical and easy to navigate. In addition, managers can create organization hierarchies, groups, user accounts, and permissions for ultimate security and control. Experience up to the minute business updates with this remote management tool. Managers can view their operating dashboard with real time sales data filtered by location, site, product type, and more. Stay current on all business data with this sleek, informative mobile software program


    1 year manufacturers warranty





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